Linksys Phone Adapter

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Linksys Phone Adapter

Do you need a phone adapter to connect your standard analog telephones to a digital telephone system? A phone adapter is often required when you use a Voice over IP (VOIP) system. An ATA or analog phone adapter is often packaged in a small box. More often this comes with a power adapter and an Ethernet port. This can also include an FXS telephone port. By using a phone adapter, your standard analog telephone devices will be able to function on a VoIP network.

One of the most trusted phone adapter brands available in the market is Linksys. Commonly known as Linksys by Cisco, the company was found in 1995 and produces various network adapters for both home and business use. Some of the products sold under the Linksys brand include VoIP equipment, phone adapters, wireless routers, Ethernet switching system for small business entities.

Some of the LINKSYS PHONE ADAPTER units available in the market include the Linksys 1.2 FXS VoIP phone adapter, Linksys SPA3000 VoIP phone adapter, PAP2T Linksys Phone Adapter, Linksys PAP2-NA VoIP 2 port phone adapter, and the Linksys PAP2T Internet phone adapter with 2 VoIP ports. Other reliable LINKSYS PHONE ADAPTER units are the Linksys SPA2102 Phone adapter with router, Linksys PAP2T/VoIP ATA, Linksys SPA2102 Phone adapter with router and VoIP gateway, SPA3000 SIP VoIP FXS FXO Phone adapter, and the Unlocked Linksys PAP2T SIP VoIP phone adapter among others.

The Linksys 1.2 FXS VoIP phone adapter offers fax tone detection pass through, a call waiting, transfer, and call forwarding capabilities. This supports several codec including G.711, G.726, and G.729. Moreover, this one supports DTMF tone detection. This also comes with LED indicator light for the power, internet, and the phone lines.

The Linksys SPA3000 VoIP phone adapter offers forward calls to VoIP service and a sequential dialing support. The adapter comes with a password protection system, a 3 ways conference call capability, and a return call, call blocking, and call back functions among others.

Today, a lot of telephone companies offer feature rich services through your cable or DSL internet connection. This is possible through the use of the Linksys PAP2-NA Phone adapter. This is possible with easy simple steps. Easily plug this in your home router and connect your existing phone with the standard telephone jacks.

The Linksys PAP2T Internet phone adapter with 2 VoIP ports comes with support SIP and up to 256 bit AES encryption. Now you can make cheap internet calls using your analog phone. You don’t have to upgrade your analog phone system. With a LINKSYS PHONE ADAPTER you will be able to utilize the many benefits of VoIP without shelling out huge amount of money for new telephone systems. Most of these phone adapters also come with fax telephone ports and regular phone features including caller ID, voicemail system, and call waiting functions. Other features of this phone adapter include an off hook warning tone, hot line and warm line calling system, music on hold, call transfer, and message waiting indication capability among others.

Finally, other LINKSYS PHONE ADAPTER units which offer the same high quality which you can get in all Linksys Cisco products include the Linksys SPA3102 VoIP phone adapter, Linksys phone adapter 2 fxs and 1 RJ45 unit, and the Linksys SPA400 4 FXO Voicemal phone adapter.